MCL #4: Skilled Leadership Series




Moving education out of the Industrial Age, assembly-line approach requires strong, courageous, committed, skilled leadership. The transformation of education and realizing the Mass Customized Learning Vision will not happen without these skilled leaders.  This Skilled Leadership Series focuses on the leaders at learning center (school) the site or school level and at the learning community (district) or district level.

The 6 Learning Paths in the Skilled Leadership Series are:

  1. Leadership 101
  2. Affirming One’s Moral Compass (Authentic Leadership)
  3. Clarifying the Vision (Visionary Leadership)
  4. Creating Ownership for the Vision (Relational Leadership)
  5. Building Capacity for the Vision (Quality Leadership)
  6. Providing Support for the Vision (Service Leadership)

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Administrators, Educational Specialists, Gifted Intervention Specialists, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania)