Shifting the Mindset

Building an understanding of a future-focused, uncompromisingly learner-centered MCL mission and vision, aligning all resources to support implementation and allowing the MCL vision to drive all decisions, are critical factors in this component. Empowering learners, learning facilitators, and leaders, informed by a clearly defined vision for MCL and the research on motivation and engagement, will create an enabling culture for shifting the mindset and transformation to a Mass Customized Learning Community.

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Our CCL Learning Community Members are constantly working on a growth mindset culture. They work hard to build an understanding among all stakeholders of “Why” it is necessary to transform our schools, replacing the Industrial Age, assembly-line model of schools with MCL’s Ideal Learning Experience (ILX).

Many of our members have engaged their stakeholders in developing a future-focused strategic design followed by building capacity among everyone in their learning community.

Our CCL Collaborative offers a Consortium/Induction Program each year to help our members build that understanding among anyone new to their system. We use Bea McGarvey’s Mass Customized Learning Shifting the Mindset Learning Path Series on as a common resource, meet with participants for a full day of training early in the school year and follow-up with one-hour, monthly sessions all delivered via Zoom.

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