MCCL Summer Summit 2018

Maine Cohort for Customized Learning Proudly hosts:

Maine’s Proficiency-Based, Customized Learning Summit

August 8 & 9, 2018

Thomas College, Waterville, Maine

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Summit Program

Presenter Materials

“MCL Learning Opportunities” Bea McGarvey, Author & Consultant, MCL National Alliance  

MCL Institute: Shifting the Mindset: Written & Designed by Author, Bea McGarvey Twitter:@BeaMcGarvey

Maine Cohort for Customized Learning Professional Development Opportunities for 2018-2019

MCL National Alliance Website 

MCCL Institute on EduPlanet21

Application for Individual MCCL Membership

Feedback: Please provide us with feedback so we can improve this and future events. Our “Feedback” Padlet will be open all through the summit. Use the link or QR code below.