Quality Instruction

Meeting the needs of individual learners requires high quality instruction. MCL learning facilitators embrace a shared instructional model designed to maintain a focus on learning and learner outcomes. Working collaboratively, they design, implement, reflect on, and adjust their instructional strategies to meet the individual needs of every learner.


CCL members understand successful implementation of MCL depends on teachers/learning facilitators who are experts at the science of learning. Teachers/learning facilitators must have a collection of teaching strategies and routines. Most importantly, they need to be able to diagnose and understand which strategies and routines are needed in certain situations. 

When a learning community adopts a common framework/language of instruction, everyone can more effectively collaborate and problem solve how to meet the individual needs of every learner, even those that struggle at first. 

CCL venn detailed white

Most of our schools depend on the instructional framework of Marzano & Pickering’s instructional framework called the “Dimensions of Learning”. This is an older text but we have found it to be effective in helping educators understand the science of learning. 

Along with the language of the “Dimensions of Learning” our Collaborative works from a model of a 3 circle venn diagram that helps us integrate the explicit teaching of critical thinking with content knowledge and habits of mind.

CCL has provided a detailed multi-day training to teachers/learning facilitators and leaders that have helped them collaborate to learn, understand, and implement content knowledge with complex reasoning and habits of mind skills.

Another option is the recently published MCL Quality Instruction Learning Path Series on EduPlanet21. This is a resource that is best used by a group of educators learning and collaborating together in a study group format. The Collaborative for Customized Learning facilitates this type of learning experience with educators from across multiple learning communities.

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