Skilled Leadership

Visionary, courageous, and collaborative leadership is essential to MCL’s uncompromisingly learner-centered approach. MCL leaders empower others through a thoughtful and deliberate process that reflects the research on intrinsic motivation,  effective learning and instructional strategies.

Our MCL vision needs courageous, skilled & committed leaders to move this work forward. Those leaders need constant support as they face the challenges of leading transformational changes in their systems.

Our CCL Leaders have studied Chuck Schwahn & Bill Spady’s Total Leaders 2.0, Leadership Framework, along with Chuck’s & Bea McGarvey’s Inevitable Too! The Total Leaders Embraces Mass Customzied Learning book to reflect on their leadership skills as they collaborate and support each other.

total leaders
Shifting the Mindset Cover

Our CCL Collaborative hosts Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate, a one-hour collaborative conversation, two times a month, on Monday mornings. These sessions include informal conversations on a topic of the group’s choice as well as more formal study group conversations using a leadership resource. Most recently, the resource our leaders used in their study group was the Mass Customized Learning Skilled Leadership Series, a part of a comprehensive set of learning paths designed by Bea McGarvey.

In addition, our monthly CCL Board of Director meetings, held on one Friday each month, offers a Focused-Review Conversation, a collaborative conversation among leaders in our organization.