MCL #5 – Quality Instruction




Quality Instruction, the fifth series in the MCL institute, is foundational knowledge for all teachers.  Ironically, we all can name most of the Systems of the Human Body.  However, we are at a loss to name the Systems of Learning.  Just as doctors need to be experts on how the Systems of the Human Body work; just as all professionals need to be experts in their field; we, educators, need to be experts on how the Systems of Learning work.

Essentially, this series is the anatomy book on learning. It’s a study of each of the systems with descriptions, examples, and strategies.  Most teachers have a toolbox full of teaching strategies.  Highly effective teachers, however, understand WHY they are using a strategy.

The Quality Instruction Series ensures that a learning community is operating from a common understanding . . . a common model . . . of learning with intentional, strategic, focused instruction optimizing learning for all learners.

The 11 Learning Paths in the Quality Instruction Series are:

  1. Understanding Learning
  2. The Self System (Mindset of the Learner)
  3. The Meta-Cognitive System (Habits of Mind)
  4. The Cognitive System: Acquiring Knowledge
  5. The Cognitive System: Applying Knowledge
    • 5a. Introduction to Applying Knowledge
    • 5b. Analyzing Similarities & Differences (Complex Reasoning Cluster 1)
    • 5c. Analyzing Arguments & Assertions (Complex Reasoning Cluster 2)
    • 5d. Analyzing Logical Inferences (Complex Reasoning Cluster 3)
    • 5e. Analyzing Situations & Issues (Complex Reasoning Cluster 4)
    • 5f. Analyzing Phenomena & Events (Complex Reasoning Cluster 5)
  6. Supervising Learning

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Administrators, Educational Specialists, Gifted Intervention Specialists, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania)