MCL #1: Shifting the Mindset Series




Shifting the Mindset, the first series in the MCL Institute, is about the foundational understandings necessary to realize a transformational vision for your learning community.  As such, it is recommended as a prerequisite to all the other series. The Learning Paths in this series will help you to understand WHY it’s necessary to replace the Industrial Age, assembly-line, one-size-fits-all model of schools with MCL’s Ideal Learning Experience (ILX).  From little steps (changing the words we use) to big strategies (creating a shared vision), the goal of this series is to . . . well . . . shift the mindset of stakeholders.  That is, realizing this vision is needed and inevitable.

The 5 Learning Paths in the Shifting the Mindset Series are:

  • The MCL Vision
  • Strategic Design
  • The Research on Motivation
  • Breakthroughs and Paradigm Shifts
  • Enabling Culture

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Administrators, Educational Specialists, Gifted Intervention Specialists, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Paraprofessionals, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania)