Spring/Summer 2019 MCCL Webinars

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April 4, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: How Are You Using Learning Progressions to Design Ideal Learning Experiences?

April 23, Tuesday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: How Are You Integrating Habits of Mind & Critical Thinking in Daily Lessons? Registration Link

April 25, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Instructional Design: Integrating Explicit Teaching of Critical Thinking Registration Link

April 29, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Teaching Habits of Mind: How Teaching HOM Improves Instructional Effectiveness.  Registration Link

April 30, Tuesday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Measuring & Providing Feedback On Habits of Mind: How Teaching HOM and  Providing Learners With Effective   Feedback Improves Instructional Effectiveness and Helps Build a Culture of Learning. (1 day + MCCL HOM Learning Path) Registration Link

May 2, Thursday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: New Teachers/Learning Facilitators: A Review of Year #1: What Will You Do   Differently Next Year? (A Three Part Series That Will Continue Into the Summer) Registration Link

May 6, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Complex Reasoning Learning Progression Release Registration Link

May 13, Monday @ 3 p.m.  Webinar: Communication: What Are Our Key Messages? What Are The Major Misunderstandings   About What We Are Doing to Provide Every Learning With The “Ideal Learning Experience”? (Communications Project) Registration Link

May 16, Thursday  Webinar: Instructional Design: Intrinsic Motivation Registration Link

TBD  Webinar: How to Use Social Media to Communicate Your Vision (Communications Project)

Spring/Summer  Book Talk: “Swimming in the Deep End” (Communications Project)

July 16-18 Tues. – Thurs.  National MCL Summit in South Dakota

July 31 & August 1 Wed. – Thurs.  MCCL Summer Summit

**Webinars will include a combination of direct instruction and an exchange of ideas between participants. All Webinars will be 60 mins.