Update on Events

by | Dec 4, 2022 | News and Events

“What customizing structures are you focused on and what challenges are you facing at implementing those structures? Let’s collaborate and help offer solutions.”

This is the topic for our Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate sessions tomorrow, December 4th @ 10:30 and 3:30. Notice, tomorrow we will start offering a 3:30 session. Members, please feel free to join us at either or both of our sessions and spread the word. Please encourage other leaders within your system to join us.

Also this week our,

** CCL Learning Progression Committee meets on Thursday, December 8th @ 10:30

** CCL Consortium Session will also be on December 8th. We meet at 4 p.m.

** CCL PD Committee will meet on Friday, December 9th @ 8 a.m.

** LLC Leadership Study Group will meet next on December 12th @ 10:30 and our Regular LLC Session will be @ 3:30 that day.

** And to top off our events for 2022 we have our Board of Directors’ Meeting scheduled for December 16th from 9 to Noon.