MCCL Transcript & High School Reporting

“Changing Methods of Recognizing Student Achievement”

2018 New England Regional Forum: March 1, 2018, Boston Massachusetts

Session Presentation Slides

The Maine Cohort for Customized Learning has had a committee working on building a Proficiency-Based, Customized Learning Transcript that matches our vision for transforming high schools from the industrial-age, assembly line system to a customized, personalized, proficiency-based, competency-based system.

Through our efforts working with college admissions and our software developer we have collected and created the resources posted here in an effort to communicate with all stakeholders the need for this transformation and the thinking and problem solving that has gone into designing these reports and resources.

Samples Reporting Documents

Sample Transcript Report (As of February 2018)

Sample School Profile Template: We have created this template to support our high schools in their efforts to redesign and update their school profiles to reflect the nature of their transformation change efforts.

Articles of Interest

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