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2022 National Invitational Summit/Think Tank

Join us as educators from across the country meet to learn, share, and problem solve how they are transforming their learning communities to provide “MCL’s Ideal Learning Experience” for all learners.

July 27th & 28th
Portland, ME

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Latest News

Implementation Story: Windham Primary, Windham, Maine

Read how Windham Primary, one of our CCL Members, is implementing their vision for customized learning. Windham Primary leaders encourage and support their staff as they transform structures to provide the Ideal Learning Experience for each of their learners.

Update on Events

"What customizing structures are you focused on and what challenges are you facing at implementing those structures? Let’s collaborate and help offer solutions." This is the topic for our Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate sessions tomorrow, December 4th @ 10:30...

Next Week for CCL Members

We have only 2 weeks before our Thanksgiving break... Here are some of our meetings and learning events scheduled between now and the holiday. This coming Monday, November 14th we have two events scheduled. At 10:30 our Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate session...

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