Washington County Leadership Team

MCCL Curriculum Training: June 19, 20 & August 17  8:30 – 3 p.m.MCCL_FinalLogo-1

Training materials will be posted on this website during the week prior to our June 19th training and throughout our three days of training. Please make sure you bring a charged electronic device that you can use to access the internet during our training. You should see several different links below. They include images of the slides I will use in the training. Both are big files as these are slides for all three days of this training. I tried to label the number of pages to help you decide if you are going to hit the “PRINT” button. I am looking forward to working with you all next week

In preparation for our third day of training I have added additional links below. These slides and template will help with our discussion about designing learning experiences that hit in the middle of the three circles.

Curriculum, Taxonomy, & HOM Slides

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Full Slide Handout (205 Pages)

Training Handout (35 Pages)

Sample Pathways

Lesson Design

MCCL Designing Learning Slides 2017

Designing Learning Template 2017

Sample Lessons:

HS Science

Elementary Social Studies


Next Steps Slide





Curriculum Model 3 circles