Providing learners with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning is a critical component of an MCL Learning Community. Meaningful evidence of learning options inform the learning process and empower the learner.

Aligning your learning community to a focus on learning is an important step in building the Ideal Learning Experience. Implementing a set of learning progressions that articulates the learning outcomes each learner works to accomplish is a DEAL BREAKER!!

With a focus on learning goals comes an agreed-upon strategy for how we will measure and determine when learners have demonstrated adequate proficiency of their learning goals.

A commitment to honor the research on motivation, and a focus on achievement of specific learning outcomes, requires that learners are given a choice on how they demonstrate their learning and are given lots of feedback specific to those learning goals.

One of the most important customizing structures our schools have implemented is the adoption of a system that provides effective feedback replacing the industrial-age methods of grading. Our CCL learning communities are working hard to implement new “grading” systems that eliminate averaging and giving zeros.

Caution: when addressing this important structure we must make sure we understand what we want to change. Changing one scoring system for another does not always result in a structure that encourages learners to own their learning or lead to higher levels of engagement and learning. Form follows Function is an important theory to apply when transforming structures within our learning communities. In the case of building a customizing structure that supports the research on motivation we need to continue to reflect and evaluate whether our new structure(s) are giving us the results/evidence we are looking for.

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Implementation Story: Windham Primary, Windham, Maine

Read how Windham Primary, one of our CCL Members, is implementing their vision for customized learning. Windham Primary leaders encourage and support their staff as they transform structures to provide the Ideal Learning Experience for each of their learners.

Update on Events

"What customizing structures are you focused on and what challenges are you facing at implementing those structures? Let’s collaborate and help offer solutions." This is the topic for our Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate sessions tomorrow, December 4th @ 10:30...

Next Week for CCL Members

We have only 2 weeks before our Thanksgiving break... Here are some of our meetings and learning events scheduled between now and the holiday. This coming Monday, November 14th we have two events scheduled. At 10:30 our Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate session...

MCL, CCL, MCCL: What do they mean??

We can sometimes get confused by all the acronyms.... MCL, Mass Customized Learning refers to a vision that Chuck Schwahn & Bea McGarvey wrote about in their first book, "inevitable Mass Customized Learning, Learning in the Age of Empowerment". In their book they...

Leaders Lunch, Learn, & Collaborate (LLC) Sessions 2022-2023

This ongoing series of online discussions will provide building-level and district leaders with an opportunity to problem solve and deepen their understanding of designing a learning community that provides every learner with the Ideal Learning Experience....


The Collaborative for Customized Learning (CCL) is an organization of individuals and learning communities who are transforming their systems to provide the Ideal Learning Experience (ILX) for all their learners.

2022 MCL Summit/Think Tank Starts @ 8 a.m. Wednesday, July 27th

Over 90 MCL Implementers are traveling to Portland, Maine for our 8th annual MCL National Summit. We are excited to offer 3 keynote messages, 21 showcase breakouts, and 3 think tanks... True to our vision, we will be leveraging the collective intelligence and wisdom...

2022 MCL National Summit/Think Tank

After two summers away the MCL National Alliance along with The Collaborative for Customized Learning is hosting our annual MCL National Summit on July 27 & 28 in Portland, Maine. Check out details here: https://bit.ly/MCLSUMMIT2022

MCL Consortium/Induction Program

Our annual consortium/induction program is schedule to begin with a full day of training on August 11th delivered via Zoom. New hires/learning facilitators to the profession, or new to designing and implementing a standards-based approach, are encouraged to join us...

The Collaborative for Customized Learning

As of September 11, 2020, the name of our organization has changed to: "The Collaborative for Customized Learning" At our annual Board retreat, our Board of Directors unanimously voted to change our organization's name to better describe our purpose and membership....